Tuesday, December 22, 2009

UK's Royal Institution's Christmas Science Lectures

As a scientist or science enthusiast, you might want to know what they did, the names below, among them scientists, naturalists, inventors, Nobel Prize winners, and Presidents of U.K.'s Royal Institution, all of whom delivered one or more of the Institution?s Christmas science lecture-demonstrations:

"From Michael Faraday to David Attenborough plus adorable lemur ? many eminent figures have delivered Christmas science lectures at the UK's Royal Institution. The organisation has put on 180 series of Christmas lectures since 1825, delivered by a total of 105 lecturers including eight Nobel prizewinners."--


The names represent selected lecturers in a slide show by NewScientist, the slides showing a photo of the lecturer demonstrating in from an audience, each accompanied by a long side-bar description of the event and biosketch of the lecturer.

The Royal Institution's festive feasts for the mind

My favorite: Michael Faraday slide.

Sue Hartley
Susan Greenfield
Charles Taylor
David Attenborough
George Porter
Frank Whittle
Percy Dunsheath
Geoffrey Ingram Taylor
Edward Neville da Costa Andrade
Robert Stawell Ball
Michael Faraday

For info on the 2009 Lecture: http://www.rigb.org/registrationControl?action=home

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